7 Strategies to Maintain your Salon’s Position in the Beauty Business

As a beauty salon owner, you’re not just required to maintain day-to-day operations, but also ensure your business is flourishing and growing. From updating tools and techniques to deploy the best marketing strategies, there are various things you can do to take your brand to another level. This is possible when you follow the right strategies. As of now, your salon must be doing well but it can definitely do better if you take the time to invest in the right mechanics of the business.

Through this blog, we aim at discussing the strategies your salon should take to maintain its position in the market and grow over a period of time. Start by taking small but effective steps, and watch your business flourish. You can thank us later!

Hair Salon Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Revenue

1. Keep your Google My Business (GMB) profile up-to-date

The number of people looking for “salons near me” is increasing day by day. To ensure your salon is visible to potential customers, it is important that all the information listed on Google is updated and relevant. A wrong phone number or bad pictures will make a potential client look for another salon.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the mentioned details are updated. Update your opening and closing time, add photos and ensure the booking link is mentioned to enable easy appointment schedule for customers. Also, make sure your GMB page is flooded with positive reviews. Ask loyal and satisfied customers to leave a review after the service. The link can be sent to them via SMS and email. An updated profile also makes your business shine in good light. If there are any negative reviews given by customers, make sure you respond to them. This will give other clients the impression that you truly care about customer feedback.

2. Upsell to Existing Clients

Believe it or not, your existing clients are the best advocates of your business. Since you’ve already converted them to be your customers, it is easier to engage with them. Capture this existing market by learning the art of upselling. Don’t weave yarns and bore them while you’re styling their hair. Instead, practice a short elevator speech that will make them want to buy a new launch or try out an existing service. You will get more bang for your buck without spending an extra penny.

Train your salon manager or stylists to do this. Keep your pitch short and sweet so that the client makes you a bonus sale immediately. Upselling works most of the time. However, there may be instances when the client may simply brush off what you’re saying. Whatever happens, don’t be pushy. This can result in you losing the client forever.

3. Keep your beauty business updated with advanced trends and tools

If you want your beauty business to stay relevant in today’s market, you need to constantly update your technology. Nobody likes an obsolete salon. For example, the solutions you use will also enhance the customer experience. In the competitive and thriving beauty industry, staying ahead is difficult. But, if you’re using the latest tools, you’ll definitely be in the limelight.

Start by making booking an easy task for your customers. Get free online booking software and give your clients the freedom to book an appointment anytime and from anywhere. It saves plenty of time that is wasted in handling salon operations manually. Adopting the latest tools and technologies definitely makes your salon look more successful.

4. Sell Retail Products on Every Visit

If you want to boost revenue in your hair salon, you need to sell products and services on every customer appointment. Even if you sell one retail product on every service, you can take sales from 30 to 100%. Some ways in which you can achieve this include – adding on services. Maybe you can create an express menu. This should include services that can quickly be served in the appointment. For example, many clients want only nail filing and polish services when they’re in a salon. Think of the services that can be done under 20 minutes and include them in your menu. This is a great way of selling an extra service besides what the client has already come for.

Train your staff to proactively sell products to customers. Though they don’t like doing this, it can help your salon recover any kind of losses. Instead of appearing pushy, hairstylists and technicians can simply tell the customer the value of owning a particular beauty product. It should seem like they’re giving a personal recommendation. When it comes across as they really care, it will definitely convert into a sale.

5. Charge More

It might sound weird but we’re actually asking you to charge more for the services you offer in your beauty salon. You can actually use a higher price point to set yourself apart from the low-cost competition. Create an air of exclusivity. Make customers want to only visit your salon in the neighborhood. However, if you’re charging more, make sure you offer the client a service that does justice to that price point. If you overcharge them and offer a substandard service, they’ll definitely want to blacklist you. Two things to keep in mind – never burst a client’s bubble as there is a cap on how much they’re willing to pay. Secondly, never make a customer feel ripped off.

6. Identify a salon niche and make the most of it

Even before you open your doors, it is important to do market research. We understand you may want to open a salon, but what is the specialty of your salon going to be? You can’t just want to do everything. Therefore, to position your salon well in the beauty industry, it is important to find a niche. Is there any gap you’re trying to fill with your venture or problem you want to address? You can choose to open a nail salon, hair salon, beauty parlor, massage parlor, and so on. The options are endless. All that matters is what you want to do. If your market is missing something, identify that void and dig in.

7. Reward and Motivate your Salon Staff

Lastly, maintaining your salon’s position is only going to be possible if your staff is happy. They are the ones who are making your customers regular and converting potential ones. They can make or break your business. Thus, as a salon owner, your goal should be to keep your stylists and technicians happy. Offer incentives and reward the employee that performs the best every month. Keep in mind, that their job is physically and mentally exhausting. When you motivate them, they tend to become the biggest advocates of your business. Encourage a work-life balance by taking them on work lunches, leisure trips, and more. When you recognize them for their time, work and loyalty, they tend to give back to you in the form of customers.

In the beauty business, it is important to stay ahead of your competitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or established. The market size of the beauty industry is huge. Though it may be difficult to establish a strong foothold, it is definitely not impossible. For smooth functioning and operations, you can even get MioSalon Lite, an absolutely free salon software that has advanced in-built features.

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