Top 5 Salon Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Your salon may offer the best services and have the best stylists but if your space doesn’t look and play the part, you’ll lose out on customers. The way your salon looks shapes customer experience even before they walk through your door. When the décor in your space is carefully chosen, it builds a brand identity for you. Salon Design Ideas plays a key role in this. These days, people don’t just visit a salon to get a blow dry or a haircut. They visit it for the experience and the ambiance. They want to feel good about themselves and this can only be done in a setting that is Instagram-worthy.

Creating a calm atmosphere isn’t as easy as it seems. If you have a small space, there are several things you should be considering. Instead of looking at the downside of a small space, look at the positives. A small space means lower running costs, less rent, less maintenance and an intimate client experience.

If you’re planning to launch a brand-new beauty business but are struggling with a tiny space, fret not! We have some fun salon design ideas that can turn even the smallest of spaces into a calm retreat.

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5 Tips to Maximise your Small Salon Space

1. Minimalism is Key

Want to make your small space look big? Cut the clutter! The design theme for your salon should be “less is more”. Clean lines and subtle colors work well. However, it’s important to keep your colors consistent. Rather than placing too many décor pieces, create focal points. Natural textures and earthy tones create a calming atmosphere. You can even create a tropical feel by placing big pots with natural greens. A classy black, white and grey aesthetic also looks great. One advantage of going minimal is that it fits your budget. Since you have to spend on fewer objects, you can invest your money in other aspects. However, going minimal isn’t as easy as it seems. We recommend you hire an interior designer to achieve the right look and feel.

2. Use mirrors to make small spaces appear bigger

A decorating tip that’s been around for years but still holds good is creating the illusion of roominess with mirrors. They reflect light and make an interior appear larger than it is. Since no salon is complete without mirrors, try and get one for every chair. If you can place them next to a natural light source, your crammed space can look even bigger. Also, make sure you pick your furniture wisely. Instead of making large purchases and trying to fit them in, buy furniture that will fit specific spaces. Organise your small space for different services. Have a designated nail bar, basins, chairs and more.

These days, a lot of salons with small spaces are ditching the reception since their salon software does the job. From appointment scheduling to invoicing, everything can be managed, thereby eliminating the need for a bulky front-desk. Another hack to capitalise on a small space is by purchasing transparent furniture and accessories. It tricks the brain to make a space appear bigger than it is.

3. Match your Client’s personality

Your salon space isn’t only about yourself and your aesthetic. It should also be a reflection of who your clients are. If your salon caters to a clientele that is young and millennial, your space should give out that vibe. It should have heaps of tropical elements, a selfie-station and a dedicated nail bar. On the other hand, if your clientele mainly includes middle-aged men, then you need to have a rather easy-going aesthetic with focus on functionality. If you’re not 100% sure how to pick décor for your small salon space based on your client’s personality, you can even ask them. They might give you some ideas that might help you. It’s also a great way to build a personal connection with them.

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4. Create an Instagram-worthy Corner

Don’t underestimate the value of after-service pictures. These are the ones that usually go on the ‘gram and are viewed by your potential clients. However, if clients just click them in any random corner, it won’t create a brand identity for you. A simple solution to this is to create a designated space in your salon for selfies and photos. Think of it as a photo booth. You might wonder how to do this in a small space. Well, it doesn’t have to be large or anything fancy.

Make sure the backdrop is bright, fresh and funky. You could also add some plants for a vibrant look. If you’re on a tight budget, just get a neon sign with a cute catchphrase or a hashtag. When these photos are shared on social media, your brand recognition increases tremendously. People will literally want to visit your salon to get a service and of course cute pictures against this background.

5. Incorporate multi-purpose stations

Despite having a small space, you have to meet multiple needs. The best way to make the most of your space is by installing multipurpose stations. It might sound silly but organising your space can definitely make it look less cramped and cluttered. You can even have a 2-1 station. It can work as a back bar for your products and serve as a waxing station. Also, think vertical to save space and eliminate cords. Have hanging ceiling lights to make your space look larger. You can even have hanging artwork and large mirrors to create an illusion of a tall ceiling.

Always remember, no area is too small for your salon. Even the smallest of spaces can be converted into a beauty wonder. Big or small – your salon is your space. Therefore, do what feels like to you. Managing a small salon might seem like a difficult task. However, with the right salon software, running a beauty business is easier than you think. This article is sponsored by MioSalon Lite – An Entirely FREE advanced Salon Software. Check out the full list of features you get for Free.

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