4 Tried & Tested Social Media Theme Ideas for Salons

Running a successful salon isn’t an easy task. As a beauty business owner, there are so many things for you to do. From handling operations to managing marketing activities, you have to ensure your salon shines in good light. Among the many things you do, you have to promote yourself and engage with your audience on social media. For that you’ll need the best Social Media Theme Ideas for Salons. These days, most people judge your business based on how good your social media handle looks. It has to have a dash of professionalism, be interactive and be a reflection of your brand image. To connect with your customers on a deeper level, you can also share the behind-the-scenes of your salon. Sometimes, choosing the right theme for your social media page can be a daunting task.

No matter how much you brainstorm, there may come a moment where you reach saturation point. Despite this, you have to keep going.

Through this blog, we aim at inspiring you with relevant and fun social media theme ideas that will not just increase your fan following but also enhance your client retention rate.

Social Media Content Ideas for your Salon

1. Giveaways

If you’re looking to capture new leads for your salon and increase brand awareness, social media giveaways are highly effective. Research suggests that hosting an Instagram giveaway can help you grow your followers 70% faster in three months.

If your suppliers send you sample products often, it may be a good reason for you to host a giveaway. Giving away free stuff once in a while always helps grow brand loyalty. If you’re wondering what the point of a giveaway is, we’ll tell you.

When you host a giveaway on Instagram, your followers are usually asked to give their email addresses and other contact information. This data can be used to run targeted marketing campaigns. However, don’t end up spamming them. To stand a chance to win the giveaway, most people willingly share this information. Use it to your advantage. If you want to increase your followers, you can also ask the participants to do something extra such as sharing your post, liking it, or following your account. These are a few strategies to boost engagement.

2. Contests

A lot of people tend to use the terms contests and giveaways interchangeably. Though they are similar, they have different rules. For example, the prize in a contest is much bigger and only one winner is chosen. Also, in a giveaway, a winner is randomly chosen whereas, in a contest, the winner is decided based on merit.

Although the benefits of running a social media contest is similar to a giveaway, and the reach is better. It’s a faster way to grow your brand and generate more interest in your salon. It’s a good practice to run a contest once a month. You don’t lose much as a salon and only gain social media followers and new clients. The contest can be anything! However, make sure you decide the rules so that there are no fights later.

You can even tie up with another business and host a contest. This way, both the brands stand a chance to build their credibility. An example of a contest you can run on social media is “comment on your favorite salon memory”. In this, you may ask users to mention a funny memory they’ve had at a salon. Decide the winner based on the funniest reply. To enter the contest, have criteria such as tag two friends, follow the page, re-post this story, and so on. Remember, the goal is to just get a new client. What prize you want to give the winner is solely your discretion. We suggest that instead of giving a free product, let it be a free service. This way, you get to attract new clients through the door and give them a whiff of your salon experience.

3. Holiday Posts

If you own a salon and don’t capitalize on holiday posts, you’re missing out! Holidays are the best time for you to drive traffic into your premises. Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Diwali, Christmas, etc. are a few major holidays you should be focusing on. Plus, posting holiday-themed content can keep your feed interesting and relevant during certain times of the year. Not every holiday post has to be a contest or giveaway. It can be holiday-related beauty tips or even a fun reel on how your salon is prepping for the upcoming festivities. You can also create posts on how it’s a busy month for your salon and why people should schedule their appointments in advance.

Holidays are huge for salons and they can increase your revenue five times. Some social media post ideas for the popular holidays include:

Mother’s Day – Give a free makeover to a busy mom or run a special gift card promo

New Year’s – Ask clients to comment on their New Year resolutions and you can share your goals for the upcoming year. Such kinds of posts are highly interactive and make customers want to engage with your salon.

Christmas – Create a post to let your clients know that your slots are filling up. You can even update your salon’s working hours. Since clients will be attending parties during this period, your salon might have to be open till late to cater to those last-minute blow dries. Make sure your holiday gift cards are updated. This is the time when your gift card sales see a sudden spurt.

To manage your holiday offers and gift cards, you can even get entirely free salon software. It’s called MioSalon Lite. The features offered is something you won’t find in any other software on the market.

4. Seasonal Posts

Staying relevant all the time can be a challenge on social media. However, to stay afloat, you need to keep coming up with something catchy and interesting. When it’s low season for your salon, you can even run seasonal posts. This includes beauty trends, blogs, vlogs, behind-the-scene reels, and advice from your top stylists. Your social media page should humanize your brand as much as possible. When it’s wedding season, you can even position your posts around the best updos and bridal makeup. On your social media page, you can even post trending content. However, make sure the posts are not boring.

As a salon owner, your goal is to master your Social Media Theme Ideas for Salons. If you’re good, you’ll soon see an influx of customers in your premises. If you’re not prepared to handle the traffic, busy operations, and management, you should get free salon and spa software. It has everything you need to simplify, optimize and grow your business.

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